AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-04Use gmake for nqp and rakudo if its availablev2021.02.1-bsd1Patrick Spek
2021-03-01Update rakudo to 2021.02.12021.02.1Patrick Spek
2021-02-21Update core parts to 2021.02Patrick Spek
2021-02-01Bump zef to v0.11.4Patrick Spek
2021-01-25Update Zef to 0.11.2Patrick Spek
2021-01-24Update Zef to 0.11.0Patrick Spek
2021-01-10Update issue templatesPatrick Spek
2021-01-07Fetch Config over httpPatrick Spek
2021-01-07Create RSTAR_PREFIX dir earlierPatrick Spek
2021-01-07Update URL of my own modulesPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Bump Config to v3.0.3Patrick Spek
2021-01-06Bump Hash::Merge to v2.0.0Patrick Spek
2021-01-06Try another name variable for the uploaded asset2020.12-rc1Patrick Spek
2021-01-06Include sysinfo in GitHub actionPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Add edge-case for Archlinux' LC_ALLPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Update binary package actionPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Set RSTAR_DEBUG in GitHub buildsPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Only use logfile if RSTAR_DEBUG isn't setPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Use notices for a couple more messagesPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Assign id value to release info stepPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Make regular releases not count as draftsPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Reduce on-screen logs when installingPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Only trigger binary packages on release creationPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Use different credentials when creating a releasePatrick Spek
2021-01-06Merge pull request #162 from rakudo/gh-freebsd-buildPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Introduce a GitHub Workflow to build a binary packagesPatrick Spek
2020-12-30Rectify source URL in READMEPatrick Spek
2020-12-30Bump core versions to 2020.12Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Remove the most popular setup from Sourcehut buildsPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Update GitHub repo URL in READMEPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump zef to 0.9.4Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump zef to 0.9.3Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump zef to 0.9.2Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Alter spectest to run in proper subdir2020.10Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump core versions to 2020.10Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Move around module installation orderPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Depend on a tagged version of ReadlinePatrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump zef to 0.9.1Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump zef to 0.9.0Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump core versionsPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Update Readline module to use fooist's sourcesPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump Rakudo version to 2020.08.2Patrick Spek
2020-11-20Bump core versions for 2020.08 releasePatrick Spek
2020-11-20Add warning for OpenBSD users without a classPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Use .yml extension for OpenBSD build manifestPatrick Spek
2020-11-20First attempt at better OpenBSD supportPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Fix up OpenBSD build manifestPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Add NativeLibs module for DBIishPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Add Sourcehut build script for binary OpenBSD buildsPatrick Spek
2020-11-20Remove --strip-components from tar during fetchPatrick Spek