A package of custom emoji to represent your favourite OS.
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A collection of custom emoji, focused on operating systems.

This collection is intended for use with a Pleroma instance, but should be able to be used by other applications allowing for custom emoji. To see which emoji are provided by this repository, take a look in the img directory.


Installation is performed using install.sh. This script requires an argument to indicate where to save the decoded images. Not specifying an argument will save the decoded images in this repository. This can be useful if you wish to contribute to the repository.


Assuming your Pleroma instance is at $PLEROMA, you can install the images using install.sh as follows:

./install.sh "$PLEROMA/priv/static/emoji/custom/emoji-os"

There’s a default configuration file available at dist/pleroma.txt, which will need to be incorporated into your Pleroma instance’s conf/custom_emoji.txt. Do note that the default configuration expects the images to be in priv/static/emoji/custom/emoji-os!


Contributions are welcome, and can be submitted via email, Pleroma post, snippet on IRC, you name it! To create a patch file you can use git format-patch, and you can send this file to me in whatever way you prefer. Please read through this entire Contributing section first, thought!

The original repository for this project can be found on https://git.tyil.nl/tyil/emoji-os.

Image requirements

The following image formats are accepted:

  • SVG formats
  • (A)PNG formats with transparent background, 32x32 pixels

Exceptions to these requirements can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Currently there are a number of 22x22 images as well, which are known as “the first batch”. These should be upgraded once better images are found.

Make base64 variants

Images in this repository are saved as base64 strings. This is mostly because the version control system used is git, which deals better with strings than binary data. To convert all images into base64 blobs, run the following command in the repository root.

for f in **/*
    [ -d "$f" ] && continue
    [ "$(printf "%s" "$i" | grep -o '....$')" = ".b64" ] && continue
    base64 < "$i" > "$i.b64"

Making a patch

Since this repository is controlled with git, a patch can be easily made using git as well. You can do this with git diff:

git diff master > my-contribution.patch

The resulting my-contribution.patch file can be sent as an email attachment, or uploaded somewhere and shared with @tyil@pleroma.tyil.nl.


All images in this repository are property of their respective owners. All code in this repository is licensed under the terms of the GNU Aferro General Public License version 3.