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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ git.repos.raku/irc-grammar.description=Grammar to parse IRC messages
git.repos.raku/log-colored.description=A Log implementation with colored output
git.repos.raku/log-json.description=A Log implementation with JSON formatted output
git.repos.raku/log-simple.description=A simple implementation of the Log library for the Raku programming language
-git.repos.raku/log.description= An interface for logging mechanisms in the Raku programming language
+git.repos.raku/log.description=An interface for logging mechanisms in the Raku programming language
git.repos.raku/string-fold.description=Fold strings to a certain length
git.repos.raku/url.description=A Raku library to handle URLs
git.repos.rakudo-star.description=User-friendly distribution of the Raku programming language