AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-23Overhaul configurationreworkPatrick Spek
2021-03-23shell: Set ssh.sftp for tyil.emailPatrick Spek
2021-03-23shell: Do more with sshsshPatrick Spek
2021-03-22backup: Set user for psqlPatrick Spek
2021-03-22shell: Use full path for rc-servicePatrick Spek
2021-03-22shell: Show node namePatrick Spek
2021-03-22shell: Restart sshd after changesPatrick Spek
2021-03-22shell: Add sshd configurationPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Add public address for faiwooPatrick Spek
2021-03-22shell: Slightly safer method of installing dotfilesPatrick Spek
2021-03-22Add shell bootstrapPatrick Spek
2021-03-22ssh: Add utility to run commands over SSHPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn/sync: Use full path to rc-servicePatrick Spek
2021-03-22portage: Update check for cleanlinessPatrick Spek
2021-03-22portage: Include system in warningPatrick Spek
2021-03-22portage: Update info and stashing mechanismPatrick Spek
2021-03-22portage: Update repo URLPatrick Spek
2021-03-22portage: Add portage integrationPatrick Spek
2021-03-22main: Use full path when syncingPatrick Spek
2021-03-22main: Fix crontab in bootstrapPatrick Spek
2021-03-22bootstrap: Skip cron step if crontab is not availablePatrick Spek
2021-03-22main: Allow default values with config()Patrick Spek
2021-03-22bootstrap: Setup crontab for syncPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Restart after syncPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Add faiwoo.tyil.net as ConnectTo nodePatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Add tinc host for faiwoo.tyil.netPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Update systemd service activationPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Add install step for Debian based machinesPatrick Spek
2021-03-22main: Add faiwoo.tyil.netPatrick Spek
2021-03-22vpn: Add tinc host for anoia.tyil.netPatrick Spek
2021-03-22Update READMEPatrick Spek
2021-03-22main: Update logging to include pidPatrick Spek
2021-03-22main: Revamp loggingPatrick Spek
2021-03-22backup: Create command to create backupsPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Add tinc host for denahnuPatrick Spek
2021-03-21main: Update fs.etc for denahnuPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Add tyil_email as a connectable nodePatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Rectify incorrect ip for bastPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Try without BindToAddressPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Differentiate between ip and ifconfigPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Add $dir var to syncPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Update main tinc.conf on syncPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Reload tinc on syncPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Change to port 654Patrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Add execute bits to tinc-up/downPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Also use the right name in tinc.networksPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Actually write new network to tinc.networksPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Update conf templatePatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Include host service managementPatrick Spek
2021-03-21vpn: Update hostsPatrick Spek