AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-05Add CertManager annotation for omgurPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Set ingressClassName to traefikPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Add ingress for omgurPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Add omgur deploymentPatrick Spek
2023-04-05This redis doesnt need replicationPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Add Redis instance for use with omgurPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Update k3s-master playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Add directories to represent namespacesPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Update credentials for keycloakPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Fix typoPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Add keycloak deploymentPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Update ingressesPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Install CRDs through Helm chartPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add cluster-issuer resourcesPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add cert-managerPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Use proper name for sealed secrets deploymentPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add base-system nsPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add sealed-secrets to hurzakPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Remove unused k3s-master data dirPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add namespaces to hurzakPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add back applications to hurzakPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Reconstruct k3s-master as k3s-hurzakPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add Helm to k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Update k3s-master playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Update ssh playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Update vpn to vpn-tinc for ludifahPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Add ludifah to vpnPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Update URLs for playbooksPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Update git reposPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Add .git suffix to git reposPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Add new k3s-master playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Add pkg.borg for Debian based systemsPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Rename k3s-master to k3s-legacyPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Update backup configsPatrick Spek
2023-03-19Use correct name for db backupsPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Add ludifahPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Bump www-staticPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Add vpn-tinc playbookPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Remove local vpn-tinc playbookPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Add additional git repos to edephasPatrick Spek
2023-03-09Bump www-blogPatrick Spek
2023-03-09Bump www-blogPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Add ludifah to tincPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Bump www-staticPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Use HTTP transport for www-blogPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Remotes file is deprecated!Patrick Spek
2023-03-08Set www-blog.generator to hugoPatrick Spek