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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysInclude SSL settings for nl.tyil.s3.misskeyPatrick Spek
2023-05-16Only restart if SeaweedFS config's changedPatrick Spek
2023-05-15Add playbook to configure seaweedfsPatrick Spek
2023-05-15Add misskey.s3.tyil.nlPatrick Spek
2023-05-15Add playbook for a symlinked directoryPatrick Spek
2023-04-25dnsmasq playbook appears unusedPatrick Spek
2023-04-25Update pubkey for tyil@anoiaPatrick Spek
2023-04-16Add media.tyil.nlPatrick Spek
2023-04-06Redo k3s-master once morePatrick Spek
2023-04-06Add minio to jaomoxPatrick Spek
2023-04-06Add s3.tyil.nlPatrick Spek
2023-04-06Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-06Remove k3s-legacy and krohxePatrick Spek
2023-04-06Add k3s-master playbook for jaomoxPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Use teddit-specific redis instancePatrick Spek
2023-04-05Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-05Update k3s-master playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Bump k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Reconstruct k3s-master as k3s-hurzakPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Add Helm to k3s-masterPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Update k3s-master playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-04Update ssh playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Add .git suffix to git reposPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Add new k3s-master playbookPatrick Spek
2023-04-03Rename k3s-master to k3s-legacyPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Bump www-staticPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Add vpn-tinc playbookPatrick Spek
2023-03-11Remove local vpn-tinc playbookPatrick Spek
2023-03-09Bump www-blogPatrick Spek
2023-03-09Bump www-blogPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Add ludifah to tincPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Bump www-staticPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Remotes file is deprecated!Patrick Spek
2023-03-08Reintroduce www-blog as a submodulePatrick Spek
2023-03-08Remove www-blogPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Fix incorrect use of remotePatrick Spek
2023-03-08Prep www-blog to be exported as a more generic playbookPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Update vim reposPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Rename file_rhash to dir_hashPatrick Spek
2023-03-06Nothing can handle security headers these daysPatrick Spek
2023-03-06Add nginx entries for ci.tyil.nlPatrick Spek
2023-01-22Update proxy setup for botamusiquePatrick Spek
2023-01-22Disable CSP headers and fix up botamusique endpointPatrick Spek
2023-01-22Add endpoint for botamusiquePatrick Spek
2023-01-22Add nginx entries for mumble web proxyPatrick Spek
2023-01-02Add nginx hosts for tdarrPatrick Spek
2023-01-02Update nginx hosts for servarr relocationPatrick Spek
2023-01-02Remove servarr completely from krohxePatrick Spek
2023-01-02Disable servarr servicesPatrick Spek