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2022-05-04Dont include drafts in RSS feedPatrick Spek
2022-05-04Add draft admonitionsPatrick Spek
2022-04-23Use labels and input idsPatrick Spek
2022-04-18Ensure recipes sort alphabeticallyPatrick Spek
2022-04-18Sort navbar alphabeticallyPatrick Spek
2022-04-18Add a cookbook sectionPatrick Spek
2022-04-18Waste less on whitespace in the blog post listPatrick Spek
2022-03-31Remove inline-stylePatrick Spek
2021-12-15Create custom feed page for blog postsPatrick Spek
2021-12-15Add more servicesPatrick Spek
2021-12-15Add section for servicesPatrick Spek
2021-12-15Redo most of the blog in HugoPatrick Spek